Quality chocolate and coffee that helps finance the rainforest. 100% slave free.

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Sourced from the Earth.

Oro Chocolate makes bean to bar craft chocolate using the high quality heirloom organic cacao.

Direct trade from Nicaragua

Transparent and Beyond Fair Trade Standards

We do specialty coffee too, roasted in-house.

Natural, Honey, Washed

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A step towards a regenerative supply chain, caring for all stakeholders involved, especially mother earth.


I spent a decade in Nicaragua understanding farmers, forests, communities, and figuring out how we can do better.

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You don't have to take my word for it though. You don't have to trust a confusing certification, either. You are invited to come experience it all yourself.

Journey to the Source

Journey to the source with us. Experience the entire supply chain from the farms in Nicaragua to our chocolate shop café in Wicker Park.

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